The Chianina is a breed of cattle that is born and grows mainly in the Chiana Valley, the area from which it takes its name. We know that even in ancient times this region hosted large cattles, since then the breed has developed, and today we can see these white beasts, of considerable size.

Breeders were once used to have the Chianina the stables, as treasures to be guarded. In fact, the Chianina beast is not well suited to the work, his vocation is primarily the reproduction and meat production. Today it is easy to see them outdoors but always close to the stables, where they always have a shelter for the night.

In Chiana Valley as well you can find specialized butchers who prepare the best cuts of meat. These are the closest to La Lisa:

  • Macelleria Neri – Bettolle
  • Consorzio Agrario di Bettolle – Bettolle
  • Macelleria Cruscanti Lino – Foiano della Chiana
  • Azienda Agricola Fierli – Foiano della Chiana
  • Antica Lavorazione Carni – Cesa

You can cook your piece of meat directly on the grill of our barbecue. To cook a perfect Fiorentina Steak just keep the piece of meat on the grill only 4/5 minutes on each side, then add oil and salt if desired.

Or you can sit comfortably at the tables of Steak Festivals, which animate the evenings in Chiana Valley between August and September.

  • In mid-August you can not miss the appointment with the Steak Festival in Cortona.
  • In late August / early September the Festival of Steak is in Pieve al Toppo.

If you want to warm a winter evening, nothing better than a Florentine Steak eaten in the taverns here in Foiano della Chiana. You can pair the steak with a good red wine, and here in our area we are plenty of choiches: Sirah in Cortona, Nobile di Montepulciano, Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti and Super Tuscan!