1. On the mountain of La Verna, where almost a thousand years ago St. Francis received the stigmata, now stands one of the most important shrines of Christianity: the Franciscan sanctuary of La Verna. The structure is perfectly integrated with the surrounding nature in a typical forms of Franciscan sanctuaries. www.laverna.it

2. Camaldoli is one of the oldest monasteries in Europe. It is located in the Apennines, immersed in ancient forests. You can visit the monastery, pharmacy, but also the hermitage, located a few kilometers away. Here the monks live a hermit’s life, in small cells surrounded by nature. www.camaldoli.it

3. Monte Oliveto Maggiore is immersed in the Crete Senesi landscape. It is the mother house of the Olivetan monks (a branch of the Benedictines), who are also skilled winemakers. www.monteolivetomaggiore.it

4. The hermitage of Le Celle in Cortona belongs to a kind Franciscan community at the time of the Saint of Assisi. A river separates the monastery from the access road, as if to mark the boundary between the secular life and the hermit.

5. In the Abbey of St. Antimo, under the hill of Montalcino, have settled some Olivetan monks. The monks every day, pray the liturgy of the hours singing Gregorian chants. www.antimo.it