This year 2017 there will be 5 Sunday parades to attend: 5 – 12 – 19 – 26 February and 5 March.

In the 4 sites, where the carts are made papier-mâché, there is already abuzz for months: there are those who studied sculpture, those colors, those movements of the figures, who choreographed the masked accompanying the wagon. Every construction site is committed to achieving the most beautiful fashion show, but all in the utmost secrecy, no information has to get to the other sites! The veil will only discover the first Sunday of Carnival, when, almost like giants who sgranchiscono after a long sleep, out of the shadows of the yards the colorful figures in papier mache.
The parade winds its way through the narrow streets of the town: in fact, need a lot of attention when the wagons are through the gaps. But it is precisely the special features of the Foiano Carnival: colorful papier-mâché giants in the background of a small, quaint Tuscan village.

The last Sunday the festival is extended until the evening: when the sun is set and the carts are back to the sites, we all go back to the streets to listen to the “Re Giocondo” will, a straw puppet that dies each year between the crackling flames. The King is well informed about the nasty business that happen in the country during the year and knows how to make it a fun satire. At the end of the will, before the fire, it is declared the winner of the carnival site.

Games, entertainment for children and food stands are the framework for the whole event, an event not to be missed for all those who want to have fun during the carnival Sundays!

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